Establishing Educational Systems for Sustainable Development

Unquestionably, the embedding of subjects that address these issues into the school curriculum is vital. The primary reason is that it ensures that students gain the necessary knowledge for societal competence. Chiefly, this system promotes skills like critical and innovative thinking, problem-solving, and decision making. Hence, there’s no doubt it leads to development.

An essential part of quality education is incorporating good learning content and environment for the right outcomes. That includes various areas like learning, teaching, and research. There are currently certain situations and issues the world is facing, including climate change, lack of biodiversity, and social injustice. That’s where this system comes to play.

Programs and Courses

The Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Program framework is such that it empowers the students. It achieves that by equipping them to run a more efficient and sustainable society. The targets are majorly social, economic, and environmental issues and support a progressing community’s aim.

Generally, the courses are to build the skills needed for a prosperous society. Thus, the subjects support and develop the learning process and curriculum. That helps to produce students with exploratory innovation and the ability to proffer solutions to these issues. They include things like climate change, human rights, biodiversity, and responsible citizenship.

Message from the Chairwoman

The International Network for Educational Exchange (INEX) is An Organization that Focuses on Education for Sustainable Development.

Our Board Members

Our staff is diverse and includes members with different specialties. That’s essential because it helps foster an all-inclusive system. Thus, it promotes an environment where everything and everyone works together to achieve our goals. We also have supporting staff that oversees other aspects of the organization besides the educational programs.

Maurice Joanna

Chairwoman of the Board

Shanny Ryan

Vice-Chair of the Board / Policy Director

Mercy Kens

Honorary Chairwoman

Fabian Tobias

Head of Public Relations

Tonny Mullen

Member of the Board / Head Registrar

Diana Lam

Student Affairs Manager

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