After our arrival day yesterday, we are proceeding to action: Today is “our” day.

YOUNGO reception

There are so many events running at the same time, its almost too much to handle. We decide to go for Session on intergenerational Equity hosted by the European Youth Forum (YFJ) , supposing that it would be full of young Change Makers. And it was. 

The panel proclaimed, that we have only one choice: wield power. My mind started racing by this comment. “How?” I couldn’t stop myself from asking it aloud. As a response it got, that I should go into politics – with the European Greens, if possible. Hm. I’m not sure if I will take that advice. Eventuall I would rather propose to start a global alliance of student organizations working towards Sustainable Development.

…and as a closing statement we also learned, that “Weak men are dangerous. We wish for strong men, able to accept strong women’s leadership.” Pretty smart.

Phil and Ivo

The evening was filled with the YOUNGO reception. Rapping, dancing and chanting for/against climate change. Our special guest Ivo the Boer, Master of resistance to climate change, came to visit. He spoke warm hearted words of encouragement for youth activities and took the time to speak to quite a bunch of youngsters, even one we all know very well…

Still, the large quantity of events leaves you with the bitter feeling that the big decisions are taken elsewhere.

Let’s take the spirit of the young voices we heard today and keep the hopes up, folks.

One last message for today: least!

…at least :)