Old Website

Bye, bye old website :)

It’s like yesterday. I met Fabienne and Philipp and I was fascinated about their thing called INEX. Then I visited the website and I was shocked! And I wasn’t alone with this opinion. Martin Herrndorf tagged the old website with redesign in his delicious account. I hope he will remove this tag as soon as possible.

It took not that long and I offered Philipp and Fabienne to help them with a relaunch and voila here we are now.

Now we use Worpress as Blogging and as CMS System. I love WordPress! There are so many Plugins out there and you can do really cool stuff with them!

Many thanks to Heinrich Kroencke for the new logo and some hints regarding webdesign and colors ;)

And many thanks to Fabienne, Philipp and Damir for doing all this contentstuff :)

I’m proud and I really enjoy surfing on the new website!!!

PEACE Jürgen