The first unit of ISC was held on Friday, March 26th, at BOKU Wien on from 09:00 to 17:00. The class, consisting of students coming from four different universities, discussed the problems of climate change and the complexity of global warming, using handouts made available on for reference. As preparation for today’s unit, the students met in small, interdisciplinary groups to discuss and answer Prof. Kromp-Kolb’s pre-assigned work. The results were uploaded in advance and presented during the lesson, showing trends in CO2 emissions and increasing global temperatures, using different data model systems. These were explained, and different climate effects including various global climate change scenarios were introduced. CO2 emissions and the Greenhouse Effect were explained especially thoroughly by Prof. Kromp-Kolb, backed with research data from the IPCC. As a wrap up to today’s session, the students and Prof. Kromp-Kolb discussed measures that can be taken to stop the current climate change trend, which will most likely lead to a collapse of our ecosystem, affecting the entire human population. The official part was followed by a get together with wine and cheese on the terrace of the BOKU main building, granting a marvellous panoramic view over Vienna’s historic rooftops.

The first part of our interuniversitary course INEX Sustainability Challenge has shown that interdisciplinary preparation in small groups before, as well as strong involvement of students in discussions during the lesson lead to a much higher engagement and understanding of the climate change complexity on their part. INEX would like to congratulate the first group of highly motivated students from BOKU Wien, TU Wien, WU Wien and Universität Wien.


(Stop Sustainablablabla – Yes to action!)