Class of 2014

We'd like to thank all students, teachers and the whole team for an unforgettable experience! AEMS will be back in 2015!

Last summer – 2014 - an excellent programme was offered by experts on alternative economic, monetary, ecological and sustainable thinking to 31 international students from 14 different countries.

AEMS is a place for alternative thinking. Scholars and practitioners meet here in order to present and discuss the state of the art in alternative economic and monetary systems – the most promising ideas for our economic and ecologic future!

Students and non-students of all branches are offered a unique approach to the topic: Rather than just presenting economic models, AEMS also presents the scientific data needed to critically assess proposals for economic and financial reform in regard to current ecological and social developments and future leeway!


Katharina Kronsteiner and Günther Jedliczka

AEMS Committee

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