This Saturday, we had our first excursion! The program said: “Rafting at Rio Pecuare”, sounds exciting, I thought! But rafting at Rio Pecuare was more than an exciting activity! Being so close to the pure nature, feeling the powerful water while rafting downwards the river, watching at this wonderful, amazing landscape with its beautiful flora and fauna, drifting through the water almost weightless – what an amazing experience!

Starting point was Parque de Tibas – Happy me, this is only three bus stops from my host family’s house, as we already met at 6.00 am. After some time of driving in a crowded, small bus through a beautiful landscape, we were entering a path that looked more like a trail than an official street for me. The next 20 minutes on our way up to the restaurant, where we were supposed to get breakfast, felt like a dry run for the rafting afterwards, accompanied by disturbing noise from underneath the bus. But as we arrived, we soon realized that this thrilling bus-trip was absolutely worth it. Costa Rican breakfast: gallo pinto con hueves y fruta at an open, back-to-the-roots restaurant with an amazing view on the landscape.

After two more hours of bus trip (second thrilling path included) we finally arrived at the rafting station. Everyone got a life-vest, helmet and paddle and soon we got our introduction on how to behave on the boat (forward, backward, into the boat, and some more) as well as some security information how to handle the paddle in a way that nobody loses his teeth or gets a kick in the back. All this information made me a bit nervous, but soon I realized that the trip was much fun and not that dangerous. After a few hours of rafting (level three and four out of seven) we stopped for lunch, which was really necessary as my arm felt as hard as stone. For me, the most awesome part of the rafting tour came after lunch, when we entered a silent, calm and narrow part of the river, where we were allowed to jump off the boat and let us drift through the water on our backs, almost weightless because of the lifevest. This feeling combined with the amazing view downside up on the pure green of the forest was so idyllic – I will never forget that.

If you ever have the chance, don’t miss a rafting tour through Rio Pacuare – you will never forget this amazing experience. All in all, this first excursion was a perfect combination of fun, action and pleasure.

At least I want to share some useful information, for all of those, who also plan rafting:

– Be sure to wear shoes that doesn’t get lost during the rafting tour (water is very turbulent) so flip flops are not a suitable footwear. I can recommend chucks, as they really stick to the boat with their rubber cap.

-Use sun lotion but: never put it on the backside of your thigh – otherwise you will slip off the boat very soon. And never put sun lotion on your forehead. During rafting your will get very wet and sun lotion in your eyes is no great experience during rafting, I guess.

¡Pura vida!

text and picture: Victoria Hala

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