The first part of the courses in Costa Rica was about Sustainable development. Today we had our fist lessons in this course which is held by Professor Samuel Viroslav. The students which are part of the Summer University have many different backgrounds and studies on different topics. What unites them is the need they see to improve the worlds development with the goal to change it into a positive direction. Therefor Prof. Samuel showed right at the beginning of the course documentation called “HOME” which shows the difficulties on earth, caused by human´s impacts on it. The documentation includes very impressive pictures about areas all over the world and touched the heart of all students by pointing at the problems which have to be solved on earth to secure life of humanity on earth.

The documentation was followed by introductions of students and a statement from everyone on how the video touched him and what issues are most interesting for everyone. It came clear, that the passion of the students is to have positive influences on the earth´s future. Professor Viroslav explained the students many mechanisms, facts and options to face problems, have positive thoughts in connection with them and try to identify different perspectives. The course was from the very beginning onwards a good combination between deep discussions, open talks about critical issues and enjoyment for everyone concerning the working process.

In the afternoon we had our fist Spanish-lessons. I think there is no better way to learn Spanish than the professor tried with us: she was so patient, helpful and taught a lot in a very short time. It was possible to follow everything she said, it was a lot of fun to improve the vocabulary and there was always a friendly smile, combined by some jokes on her face.

In the evening we met some Tico students at the university to get in touch with local people. The Ticos were very friendly and tried to communicate their student life in Costa Rica to us. It was very interesting to get to known to a different culture from people of our age and to have the possibility to ask them about their education and life in Costa Rica.

To sum it up, the first day at university was very exciting and proved that it was an excellent choice for us to come to Costa Rica. The student´s different nationalities are a chance to get to know about different views for sustainability and open the mind for global way of thinking.

text and picture: Anna Provasnek

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