After a good Breakfast we had the possibility to enjoy the adventures bus right to ULACIT University. There isn’t any kind of ticket system in Costa Rica, you just pay while entering the bus, no matter how far you are going to travel. Another thing you should take in account is that there are much less bus stop signs than there are bus stops – so better ask a local instead of searching for the needle in the hey. Finally arriving at the University, we were welcomed warmly. We were introduced to all Professors and Staff. After the administrative part, local students provided us some information of their home country, special words used in Costa Rica like PURA VIDA! and a typical lunch. We also had the chance to talk about our expectations to ensure that everyone is going to be happy with the program.  After a replacement test we were going back to our host families, enjoying the evening with them and take a good sleep.

text and picture: Enri Chantal Strobel