Dear INEX Diary,

Today, after a great weekend in Cahuita, we attended the final day of our Corporate Social Responsibility class. We took a last look at how corporations can commit to social responsibility. Organizations should strive to, among other objectives, 1) take the leadership, 2) adopt a holistic approach, 3) invest in innovation, and 4) invest in education in order to have sustainable consumers. We concluded the class by breaking up into groups and analyzing FLOREX’s framework of social responsibility. Each group presented their observations to the class based on what they had seen during our visit to FLOREX and based on additional internet research.

After class, Illeana Castilllo, the International Programs Director for ULACIT, came to talk with us about the concerns we had raised regarding the program. On the subject of guest speakers, she brought us the wonderful news that they had managed to arrange three speakers for Thursday: Alicia Jimenez from the Earth Charter, Esteban Ericksen from the Rainforest Alliance, and a representative from ICE. We also discussed and offered suggestions on how to improve the program in general for future participants.

During our lunch break some of us prepared for our Spanish class final presentations and took time off to play some Ping Pong!

Spanish class with Profesora Carvajal was quite fun. Both Chris and Max volunteered to do final presentations today while the rest of us (Petra, Johannes, Viola and I) decided to present on Thursday. Chris presented us with a talk on the Bri Bri indigenous people, while Max gave us his perspective on tourism in Austria and Costa Rica.

At night, some of us met up at Rollings Stone! A place I will dearly miss ;).

Until the 31st…Sabrina

text and picture: Sabrina Delgado