Finally it was time for the long awaited Canopy tour. After a good breakfast of gallo pinto at the hotel we headed out to the Volcan Arenal National Park where the zip-lining would take place in the middle of the rain forest. We had to wait for quite some time before it was out turn. People spent the time either worrying about the height and what’s going to be waiting for them, doing a little game playing or bird-watching. Our tour guide Fico spotted a tucan on a nearby tree, so the binoculars were set up in a minute and time flew by while watching the bird and enjoying the nature around us. Finally when given the introduction to what was awaiting us and received the equipment necessary for the rides we got on the tram to go up on the mountain. By the time we got up, the rain had stopped and another sunny day was waiting for us. Two short rides for trying out the equipment and making sure whether we really want to do this and then the fun began.

The first official ride was over 470m long and the moment you left the deck there was no way back. You were flying over, sometimes trough the rain forest at a speed of 60-80km/h. The group went zigzagging from one deck to another and this was accompanied by screams of sacredness to someone thinking he could be the Tarzan of the new era. After a total of 8 rides everyone arrived back in the base happily and adrenaline pumped. We got a chance to return once more to La Fortuna where we had spent the night in order to walk around the town a bit and do some shopping in case interested. Then back on the bus on arriving back in San Jose for a new activity packed week. Pura Vida!

by Madli Merila