On Sunday we went by bus from our nice Hotel in Puerto Viejo to Cahuita to see the National Park there at the Caribbean Coast. At the National Park we had a little tour by our travel guide Jenny from Horizontes. Unfortunately there was not much wildlife to see but the landscape and nature right next to the beach were quite beautiful. Thus most of us decided to have a relaxing time at the beach to enjoy the ocean and the sunny weather.

In the afternoon our tourist bus went back to San José but half of the group decided to stay one more day in Cahuita because the following Monday was a holiday in Costa Rica.  Apparently I was one of the lucky people to spend one more day at the Caribbean culture part of the country. In the little village where we stayed it was how you would expect the Caribbean side – everybody was totally chilled and in a good mood. And thanks to our great hostel next to the ocean with great hammocks in the front yard we had no problems to adapt that mood! After some good food at a tiny restaurant and a get-together in front of our hostel we went to a small pub and enjoyed there the rest of a very recreative day. To sum up, it was definitely worth it to stay a little bit longer at this side of the country!

text and picture: Laurin Wuenneberg