This Saturday our field trip already started at Parque de Tibas at 6 p.m. We were looking
forward to an interesting field trip to the Caribbean coast to visit a banana plantation being
located close to the Cahuita National Park, which we will visit on Sunday.

On our way to the coast we made a quick stop for having breakfast with lots of fresh fruits
and some delicious gallo pinto. After everybody was now full of energy, we were directly
driving to the plantation. Our field guide Jenny already told us that our guide on the plantation
would be absolutely inspiring and that her whole knowledge about bananas would come
up from this person. Coming up to the plantation the guide warmly welcomed us and gave
everybody of us a small cap out of a net, which everybody had to wear for hygienic reasons.
Going around the plantation he gave us a quick overview about the history, the harvesting
and the packing of the plants until being exported. During the presentation lots of mules were
going going up and down the plantation to transport the bananas from the plantation to the
machines, where each banana will be perfectly prepared for the export. After his presentation
we also had a great Q&A session, in which he e.g. said that the biggest importer would be
Sweden and that he hopes that China will become more interested in Costa Rican bananas in
future times.

After learning a lot about the harvesting of bananas we were driving to Puerto Viejo, where
we were finally cheching in to Perla Negra hotel. It’s been a great location with a pool,
lots of various plants and we also had a nice terrace. Nevertheless everybody wanted to go
to the beach next to the hotel. It’s been absolutely amazing, but we had to take care not to
swim out that far because the waves were extremely strong at that area. After taking dinner
in downtown some of us decided to go back to the beach at night, during which we had an
exciting moment when we saw some falling stars.

text: Dennis Scherer, picture: Mariko Yamamoto and Dennis Scherer