Life at ULACIT is good, we can both study and have fun at the same time. I like a lot the mornings when we gather together before classes for a coffee and talk. Some of us have more interesting stories to tell than others because they´ve been out the  previous night, and this makes the meeting even funnier. Let´s just say that we are all smiling when entering the classroom.  

As I said, beside having fun, we are also studying at ULACIT and we are working on different projects together. The university has special studying rooms and that  makes the process easier. What makes studying even more exiting is the fact that we have  people who have a say in sustainable development as guest lecturers  and that gives us a remarkable input .  

And after a day at school, nothing is nicer that exploring the city. San José has a number of interesting museums to visit, for example National Museum, Museum of Jade and Gold Museum. Today we went to the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design and spent some quality time together. We haven’t  planned anything for tonight, as we have to be fresh and ready for an exciting weekend outside San Jose: visiting the wind farm and Arenal!

by Adela Michea