Todays program at the university was supplemented with another dancing class, this time with a new instructor. But first we had our regular corporate social responsibility class followed by our Spanish lessons. Our Spanish professor brought some of the fruits, we tried yesterday at the mercado central to class, and to there where again some completely new ones amongst them. We had Mamón chino, Yuplón, Limón dulce, Guayaba, Guanábana and Jocote. After classes we were invited to go to the dancing class in the university’s aula. Our Salsa instructor showed us how a good Salsa Performace should look like, when one has trained long and hard enough how to dance. It was very interessting, but probably none of our group is dedicated to Salsa enough to reach that level and unfortunately there were less attendents than in the first class.

text and picture: Johannes Rauter