The second lesson of the Corporate Social Responsibility course was given by Florencia Gonzalez.  The overall Today’s topic was how to integrate CSR into business operations, with special regard to human rights, labor issues, and shareholders. Firstly, we talked about were the principles of social responsibility defined by the ISO 26000, which are accountability, transparency, ethical behavior, and respect for shareholder interests, the law, international norms of behavior, as well as human rights. Secondly, we defined the business phrase shareholders and classified ways how to identify and priories them. We continued with a group exercise, which was about the tourism industry in Central America. We were given three examples of hotel chains whose actions lead to social conflicts in new settings, like for instance the destruction of natural resources or disputes with the local communities. Our task was to identify their shareholders and come up with socially responsible but realistic solutions.

After a short break we continued with the seven principles of social responsibility and the specific actions that are related to them. Regarding labor practices, we discussed the case of the ice tea producer Lipton which benefits from their positive labor actions in Africa since they satisfy their labor force so that they are faithful and motivated. Finally, we had a second group exercise which was about actions regarding organizational governance, human rights and labor practices taken by supermarket chains and the chemical company Beraca, which produces in Brazil.

After lunch break and Spanish class, we had the possibility to enjoy a private dancing show in the auditory. Camillo, our dancing teacher, and his dancing partner showed us a compilation of various Latin American dance styles which we presumably will have to learn next Thursday.

text and picture: David