The weekend at the Caribbean Coast was awesome! We spent three days in paradise and now I can understand what Prof. Clarke meant when he  spoke about the “paradise syndrome”. Therefore it was quite hard to return to normal life. Everybody seemed to be a bit tired, but no wonder; after the intensive days, and yes also nights, in Puerto Viejo one would expect us to be exhausted. As I opened the schedule I could not believe my eyes: “Week three already began!”.

So it was halftime and it was also the last course day with Prof. Clarke. I certainly think that he could just keep talking for another two weeks, especially if he didn’t have Mr. Clock, his nickname for me, to stop him. I already miss his interesting stories. He concluded his course with an outlook about possible links for a better future.

In the second part of the day our new class with Prof. Viroslav began. The point of view he is offering is very different and therefore very interesting. I am also looking forward to the planned field trips (wind farm and tree nursery). After Spanish class it was getting hot again. Salsa, Merengue y Cumbia estan no problema para nosotros. Salimos por la noche!

by Daniel Zadra

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