Today our second lecture started. In this course we will learn about the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and how it can be applied in companies. In the morning we had a small introduction and received general information about the lecture. The lecturers asked us very open for input from our side and for our expectations and wishes, so they can include it in their classes. Afterwards we made a small exercise to discuss about the term Corporate Social Responsibility and what students understand about it. We received an interesting introduction on the term CSR and an overview on different concepts, that are usually applied in Costa Rica.
This evening we decided to visit the Jazz Café in San Pedro, where different Bands give Live-Performances. This evening two bands performed and we have enjoyed the Reggae and Ska Musik very much. But the best of it all: Someone of our group whispered the band, that it was my birthday. What a great surprise as the Reggae singer integrated birthday wishes for me into his song! I would like to celebrate every birthday over there.

text: Victoria Hala, picture: Enri Chantal Strobel