Once again it was time to wake up. The familiar sound of my alarm clock was calling me back to “this world” and as usual, I tried to ignore it for a while. I felt perfectly happy in my bed and didn´t want to get up for another couple of hours. Then I realized that would miss my breakfast if I stayed in bed. This idea finally got me moving and while being still half asleep, I tried to pack everything I needed for going to the beach and went to the hotel restaurant for a breakfast. I enjoyed having my favorite fried plantains, American style pancakes, gallo pinto and tropical fruits with two glasses of orange juice for breakfast. At that time I hadn´t known my plans for that morning were about to change soon.

During the time I was waiting for others to go swimming, I met Daniel who told me he was going to a sloth sanctuary. I decided to join him and a few others. Oscar, our driver, and Fico, our guide, took us to a place not far away from our hotel and we had a beautiful time watching these cute and funny creatures called sloths. There were more than fifteen of them, both babies and adults. You could notice that the baby sloth was much more curious about us than an adult one. The guide let us feed and pet one of the adult sloths which seemed to enjoy it a lot. Time went by fast and we realized we had to go back to our hotel and check out. When I arrived at my room, I found out I still have to pack all my stuff because I didn´t manage to do it during my sleepy morning. I did it as fast as possible but I still came last to our bus. We left for Puerto Viejo de Talamanca ten minutes after.

I have to say that town looked differently in daylight (we were here two days before at nighttime, dining and dancing) but still beautifully when we arrived. After agreeing to meet again at 4 pm we went to look for a nice place for lunch there and we soon found one. As it was my last day in this Caribbean “paradise” I decided to have an extraordinary lunch and ordered shrimps in coconut sauce and fresh pineapple juice. Wow, what a lovely lunch!

I was ready to go to a beach and I did so. Believe me, I have never seen a more beautiful beach in my life. Time passed by quickly and we didn´t want to leave that charming place. And we weren´t alone. When we got to our bus we learned we can stay one more hour. Great! I spent my last hour in paradise sitting on a beach, having Piňa Colada, listening to Latin music and watching people dancing salsa. Suddenly I realized how perfect this actually is and that I want to spend days like this, I wanted to STAY. I felt perfect happiness. And then came the time to say goodbye (probably forever) to Puerto Viejo. For the first time in Costa Rica I felt very sad because I had to leave that place and I really didn´t want to leave. Knowing I don’t have any other option, I got on the bus back to San Jose and let it take me somewhere I didn´t want to go. I felt disappointed and resigned. Few hours later we arrived at Parque de Tibas and I took a taxi “home”. I fell asleep quickly that night and dreamt about Puerto Viejo.       

by Daniela Bartakova

Dancing classFico and Oscar at sloth sanctuaryLeaving the Colon CaribeMs Cute SlothParadisePina Colada