After going out in Puerto Viejo on Friday a traditional „Gallo pinto“ breakfast at Hotel Colón Caribegot us ready for the guided walk through Cahuita National Park. Our guide Fico, who knows everthing about Costa Rica´s wildlife, showed us the big variety of species that lives in this area… and it was really amazing to see the  Capuchin monkeys climbing on the trees and butterflies in colours I´ve never seen before. It was a really unforgettable experience to walk on the seaside and to see so many different species. I´ll never forget those „untouched“ beaches with palmtrees and I couldn´t stop taking pictures because I was overwhelmed by the beauty of this part of our world. We got into the really warm Caribbean water and just enjoyed the moment.

After a few hours of walking we reached Cahuita and looked forward to having a traditional Caribbean lunch. We went to a small restaurant, called „soda“ in Costa Rica. It was a very good choice because the food was very, very good. We adapted to the Caribbean way of life called „zero stress“ and waited a little bit while drinking delicious fresh fruit juices. It was worth waiting, because I really fell in love with the coconut-dishes there and we all enjoyed the food.

Can a day be better than spending it with nice people, seeing amazing landscapes and enjoying special drinks and food that are made out oft he freshest incredients? For me not…

by Kerstin Schnoerch

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