This Saturday we started at Parque de Tibas at 7.00 a.m. Everybody was looking forward to an amazing field trip to the Arenal Volcano and next to it 14 swimming pools being used as hot springs to relax.

But first of all, we were driving to a small township with a famous gardener, who is working there for more than 40 years. Lots of tourists come to this place just to visit the gardener and his marvellous trees and hedgerows, which are designed as faces or objects from daily life.

After another quick stop for having lunch in downtown of La Fortuna, we were checking in the Hotel San Bosco. But instead of having siesta we decided to hurry up to have some more time for the hot springs. On the way we were driving around lake Arenal, where we were also able to see some hydro power stations. Next stop has been the volcano itself. Our field guide Jenny told us that this is one of the most active volcanos in the world. Just by last year there had been nine eruptions, which is why there exists a huge area, which tourists are not allowed to cross. She also told us that the town La Fortuna got its name because in 1968 had been a powerful eruption killing 87 people and destroying the townships of Tabacón and Pueblo; only the third town had not been destroyed, which is why it was called from then on La Fortuna. When we went off the bus Jenny told us that we are absolutely lucky because we had a clear view of the whole volcano, a place which is usually very cloudy. After taking a beautiful group picture we were heading off to our well-deserved hot springs, where we could relax in various hot pools after finishing the first of our two academic courses.

For me it’s been the very first time enjoying hot springs and I can simply recommend it to everybody: hanging up in a warm pool, volcanos behind, time is passing and your mind simply becomes free.

text: Dennis Scherer, picture: Enri Chantal Strobel