The alarm went off way too early again – but I guess the excitement and anticipation for the Caribbean Coast made up for that. We left San José at 7 in the morning (plus tico time) and headed off to paradise. On our way we drove through the national park of “Braulio Carillo”, where I was again amazed by the endless different shades of green, and the only tunnel in Costa Rich, which (according to our guide) used to be the real attraction for Costa Ricans.  

At one point we of course had to make a “gallo pinto” stop at a gas station to fuel up with energy. As much as this rice-and-beans breakfast seemed weird at the beginning, apparently we can’t have a day without it anymore. Feeling alive again we were ready to reach the banana plantation. At the plantation, which some observed as Banana Disneyland, we got introduced to the magical number 3 – since everything there consisted of 3 parts, had 3 problems, 3 solutions and 3 reasons. Our guide there was definitely an interesting character, that’s for sure. He took us through the history, the harvesting and the packing of the banana plants; talked about different certification they have, like ISO, SA 8000 and the Rainforest Alliance (3 again) and felt a bit annoyed by our paparazzi at the beginning.  

 Although we got to taste some bananas, we still felt hungry and therefore drove to Puerto Viejo. I personally felt enchanted by that small place with its sandy streets, it’s beaches with palm trees and little boats, the music and the rasta hairstyle. Plus I also  learned some (maybe) valuable things – how to kill and cook a langosta and what it means to be relaxed – “0 3= cero (es)tres” – I love it!

We left Puerto Viejo for a bit to drive to our hotel and check in, but we returned for dinner – where we met a perezoso (sloth) and its baby, which totally made my night. Later on we celebrated Harriet’s and Daniel’s graduation at a great place with local music next to the beach. Felt like dreaming … hmmm … maybe it won’t stop. :-)

by Fanny Artner