Today was Sam’s last day lecturing us on Sustainable Development. However, change in plan, he organised a quick field trip for us to visit the National Biodiversity Institute of Costa Rica (INbio) so we can see and feel the biodiversity of Costa Rica.

Our visit to INbio showed us the importance to recognise the nature and ecological system of the earth that all living organisms need others to survive. At the INbio, we were able to see tropical/dry-land plants, and small creatures living in those region specific conditions. Their each individual, unique survival skills kept surprising us. Personally, butterfly park  was the highlight, at the same time, walking through a green, soothing air of forest-like-land was also the highlight. It really made me longing for our upcoming national park trip.

After the visit to INbio, we came back to ULACIT and discussed about the importance of biodiversity and how to maintain/protect this beautiful nature and unique creatures. Many ideas were debated: whether it is a good idea to bring back those already been extinct creatures/livings, how much human should intervene to protect the nature to support them to recover etc.

Since half of us were extremely tired from a great night out from the previous night in San Pedro, after the lecture, we all went home, but as usual, we met up at a bar in Tibas for a few drinks :)

text and pictures: Mariko Yamamoto