A couple of days ago, I heard that a storm might be passing through which would lead massive rains in Costa Rica. I assume that it has arrived because today it started raining as we were on our way to ULACIT.  But I shouldn´t be complaining about rain as this has been a day of good news. And by good news I mean that the due date of our take-home exam has been put back  until coming Friday, something that of course deserves to be celebrated tonight. ;)

Milton Clarke´s lecture was very interesting as usual. He discussed the situations you face when working with international organizations, and he drew on his own experience in advising us. He kicked off with a communication exercise designed to show how much confusion can take place as information is passed on, resulting in facts getting distorted. To demonstrate how easily confusion could be created he sent five individuals out of class, without telling them why. They were then given the task of retelling each other a story, one by one, which resulted in fact distortion. To show us that this result was not always a necessary result, he used the remainder of the lecture to tell us about more successful episodes, and how to accomplish positive results.

After lectures Philipp had decided to do a small expectation session, just like we had the first day at ULACIT. The initial expectations for the course mostly concerned the Costa Rican culture, sustainable development, the people on the course, and the Spanish language. This session gave us an opportunity to give our comments on each of the topics, indicating whether they had been accomplished or not, and to reflect on our hopes for the rest of the trip, as we are moving close to our second week here.

All in all another great day, let us just hope the rain comes to an end so that we can enjoy our weekend in Puerto Viejo. Pura Vida!

by Susanne Gjonnes