Thursday was a really fantastic day. It started with our course “Sustainable Development” with Sam Viroslav. We focused on the topics of “waste” and “ecologic management systems”. Raising the awareness how to avoid waste of people of the OECD countries is one of the most important issues. In addition new technologies and life cycle designs (like e.g. “cradle to cradle”) have to be developed. Overall, this course-day gave us a good overview about waste and its management.

In Spanish-class we talked about our visit to the “Costa Rica National Museum”. Communication in Spanish is a big challenge for me but I recognise that I doing big steps every single day – so it’s getting easier and easier to talk with my host family.

For the evening there was a social activity planned. Julian, Mel, and other Tico-students from ULACIT invited us to the discotheque “Congos” where we tried to apply our dancing-skills in Salsa and Merengue. What a funny evening.

So now, weekend comes closer and I’m really looking forward to our trip to Volcano Arenal. Rock’n’Roll!!!

text and picture: Benjamin Zessner