On Tuesday, July 12, 2011 our day started at 8:30am as usual at ULACIT. Since it was presentationday, it was mainly us to talk! The emphasis of the topics was clearly on renewable energies such as wind and corporate social responsibility. After 4 highly interesting presentations we had a demanding talk and time flew by real quick.

During the one-hour lunchbreak the INEX group emptied the cafeteria and left nothing but burned soil for the ticostudents… ;)

The spanish lessons after the break were packed with grammar, which was exactly how we had expected it to be!
After the spanish lessons we finally had our first dancing class! Eventhough some of us, if not the majority, moved more like CP3O than like a Latino, we still had an awesome time with our lovely teacher!

The day has ended just like everyother… in a bar, with nice people and spanish only!

text: Maximilian Haller, picture: Enri Chantal Strobel