The day started early and again with a new experience. We met at the Park of Tibás at 6:00 a.m. –  therefore Fanny and I were the first people leaving the house. We tried to be as quiete as possible but when we wanted to leave the house we were confronted with an insuperable obstacle. The front door was locked with an extra lock and we had to wake up our host mum. Once we were sitting in our tourbus, a man passed by and handed us a drinking bottle filled with unusual guests – a small snake accompanied by a big cockroach. After freeing our new friends we started our amazing trip.

While heading to Rio Pacuare we passed by beautiful rainforests, the nice city of Cartago (known for its beautiful cathedral) and the active Vulcano Irazú. After splitting up into different boats, we traversed 18 miles of remote waters. The route was divided into rapids up to the strength of 4 and sections of slow waters. The flora and fauna was stunning, we were able to see butterflies of every color, dragonflies and birds, like the well-known tucan. We could also discover that many eco-resorts were established next to the river. What came into my mind was that it is a great way of sensitizing to the nature – but it is also somehow a bitter pill to swallow (tourism in such an untouched nature).

The trip, in every respect, was stunning. Just one thing to complain about: as we arrived at the lodge I had to witness how Spain won the Worldcup. It still hurts a bit.

by Daniel Zadra