Friday, the day after Fanny’s birthday. I can’t believe that the first week is already over. And still, there are so many things that are pretty common among los ticos which I haven’t experienced yet. For example, today was the first time I had gallo pinto (rice and beans) for breakfast. And it is delicious! As usual I met Daniel on the way to the bus station – but this time he was accompanied by David, who had just arrived and, therefore, joined our group a couple of days later. In class, Dr. Milton Clarke continued the discussion about forestry that we had the day before. He also talked about different levels of responsibility regarding sustainability, meaning that it concerns not only nations but also groups and individuals. We learned about the Bill of Rights for Minors, the WHO master plan entitled “Health for All by the Year 2000” and the Montreal Protocol.

After a very sunny coffee break, we had an interesting exercise for which we were split into four groups and discussed different aspects and policies of gender and sustainable development. In the afternoon, the advanced Spanish class learned about the real story of Count Dracula and, in addition, how to use the past tenses indefinido and imperfecto. Later I had a funny afternoon at home talking with my host mum before David and Daniel stopped by. With the latter I spent the evening working on our paper for Dr. Clarke’s class. As I was really looking forward to go to volcán Poás the next day I didn’t mind going to bed a little earlier than the day before to get a good night’s rest. іBuenas noches a todos!

by Katharina Reithofer