Today Alicia Jimenez from the Earth Charter Initative visited us at ULACIT. She led us to an interesting discussion concerning values and ethics. I really appreciated that, instead of giving a frontal-lesson, she really integrated us into her methods. With a lot of interactive activities she managed that we really got involved to the points that she wanted to demonstrate. We did an interesting activity about dilemmas we face every day and had to take individual choices. This way we recognized that our values help to design the society we are living in. Then we had to think about our own values, the values that are the base of our acting, before we had to create ethical principles in groups. It was really interesting and we learned a lot. Reflecting our own motivations that let us act – and discussing them with others – these reflective practice can help you define your own way of thinking and acting. It´s also important to keep in mind that there´s a difference between saying what values you have and acting confirm to them. I think that we really experienced the definition of education that the Earth Charter uses: Values cannot be taught, they are learned through action.

As it was Fanny’s birthday today, after learning a lot and experiencing a little earthquake, we went to a really nice bar in Tibas, listened to life-music and danced like crayz. It was a really a great day.

by Kerstin Schnoerch

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