And so it begins. Sixteen participants have flown thousands of miles across the globe, braved US airport security checks, and are now cosying up to spiders for the next month, all in the name of the INEX  
Summer University course 2010; will it be worth it?

Yes, if our induction day is any indication. The generosity of the  host families, tireless enthusiasm of the INEX team and meeting the  other participants quickly convinced any doubters that this course  would be well worth enduring much more.

After a brief introduction to the INEX Vision Tree and a warm welcome  to the ULACIT university, Lorena San Roman, Vice Dean of the  University of International Cooperation, gave an insightful keynote  speech into sustainable development in Central America. We also heard  from our sustainable tourism tour operator, Horizontes, and from our  teachers for the course, though this session ended a little abruptly  because of certain important Football match…

Perhaps the most useful part of the day was the cultural adaptations  class by Eric Liljenstope from GlobalSolutions Group. A long-time  Costa Rican resident, Eric explained everything from why Tican men  thinking hissing at women is a compliment (my personal views are to  the contrary) to why the average number of times Puerto Rican couples  
touch each other across a coffee table is every twenty seconds whereas  in this situation in Britain couples refrain from any physical contact  at all! Surely the British experiment was performed in an old person’s  tea rooms.

The journey home at the end of the day was less fun, with a ten-minute  bus journey taking two hours due to the incessant rain and crowded  buses, but it’s all part of hustle and bustle of life in San Jose  Rain, car horns, and disappearing pavements will soon become a normal  part of our day.

Overall, a brilliant start to what is surely going to be a fantastic  program, and I can’t wait to get started properly!

Pura vida!

by Harriet Jackson

Edgar Salgado, ULACIT Viceprovost is welcoming the INEX group Lorena San Roman, UCI Vicerector of Extension and Cooperation during her Key Note on Sustainable Development (2) ISU 07.2010 Participants at ULACIT's plaza Philipp Schoeffmann, Board Member at INEX presents the INEX Vision Tree Milton Clarke, Professor and former UN Consultant introducing his course Sam Viroslav, Professor and Entrepreneur introducing his course (2) Will Aiello, CEO of Horizontes on Sustainable Tourism Paola Rodriguez, ULACIT Global Education Office Students, having a good time during the Intercultural seminar (2) Eric Liljenstolpe and Daniel Nowell experience cultural differences Fanny Artner Harriet Jackson Madli Merila

Leonardo Velasquez, INEX Director for Central America rounds up a first Experiences session