vegetable-seller-rajasthanOnly a few months ago, I was personally approached by a person, who has become a dear partner on this venture in the meantime… – starting with the motive of showing Europeans what magnitude of smells, colors and experiences his home country has to offer, we got into intriguing discussions about Sustainability and Non-Sustainability in a large developing nation like India. I learned that the development process has caused ruptures of cultural capital and social standing – and that the goal to where the race will lead yet has to be defined.

Together, with his knowledge and passion about his home country of India and the expertise I acquired over the past four years in designing learning experiences, we set up this wonderful dive into the history of Social Development in India – all for you to enjoy!

If you want to be part of it, you’d better be quick – we are boarding the plane already on February, 1st 2010!

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