The world is facing serious challenges. Poverty, diseases and the depletion of important resources are just a few out of many. On top of everything else stands one that will probably impact humankind more than anything else we have seen so far: climate change. To tackle the issues of global warming is the target of COP15 (the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen).

What is COP15 and why is it so important?

busy crowdMany call it the most important meeting in history since the ending of World War II. It will have life-changing effects on 6.8 billion people, their way of living and survival. It has the potential of saving the world as we know it… but can the global leaders act? Or will they stick to talk instead of action? Will Barack Obama (USA), Jose Manuel Barroso (EC), Wen Jiabao (China), Angela Merkel (Germany), Nicolas Sarkozy (France), Silvio Berlusconi (Italy), Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Iran), Nikolaus Berlakovich (Austria) and more than 160 other heads of governments commit to a treaty that will help to save millions (or even billions) of people?

Once thing is for sure… this 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP) under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is the biggest event on this topic that the world has seen so far. One and a half decades after the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro people seem to have realized the dramatic impact that climate change already has – and will have even more over the coming years. People therefore call for a fair climate agreement (see the Seal the Deal website) that will  commit to cutting greenhouse emissions (especially CO2) considerably until 2020, establish a framework that will bolster the climate resilience of vulnerable countries and protect lives and livelihoods. In hope for justice and a prosper future 20-30.000 people will try to attend the meetings and side events that are taking place from 07 to 18 December. Ten-thousands of people are additionally expected to come for the hundreds of side events an d conferences taking place at same time (for example Klimaforum09, the global civil society counterpart of the official UN conference in the Bella Center).

What is INEX doing there?

Fabienne, *proud*We are following our mission of identifying, inspiring, educating & empowering change makers.

“We are committing to find 25 change making organizations to leverage our impact on society and a sustainable common future.”

By identifying these stakeholders and inspiring them to engage themselves in concrete actions (and joint projects, such as study abroad programs and other ESD projects), we will all learn on the way – and empower duplication of our efforts.

Follow us on this blog to find out how this idea evolves, what we find out on the way and how successful we are in accomplishing this plan…