One of the most applauded speakers of the “before lunch session” Hugo Chavez contributed some alerting political talk in many senses. He agreed to Brazil and China that the formation of a top secret document by the developed countries is undemocratic. He calls it an imperial dictatorship by the countries feeling superior – fostering exclusion not inclusion. 

He expresses his thanks to the people protesting outside the hall and the young people on the streets of Copenhagen. He thanks the ones, who are scared about their own future for raising their voice – knowing that inside the negotiation hall they were silenced.

Outside he heard the paroles: “Don’t change the climate, change the system.” Claiming that this is what he is doing. As well as, concerning the astronomic amounts of money that have been invested in saving banks: “If the climate was a bank, they would already have saved it.” 

Chavez calls it a scandal that the president of the United States, who is sending more and more military into Afghanistan killing innocent people, will come here to present himself with the Nobel Peace Prize. Instead he recommends the book “How the rich destroy the planet”, comparing it to the paroles of Jesus Christ: “It is easier for a camel to enter through the eye of a needle, than that a rich enters heaven.” Therefore we shall consume less and share more. Stop hidden agendas and lies. He raises the question: “How long will we accept epidemics, children dying, hunger, the dictatorship of markets and the threat of climate catastrophes?”. He states “We have to fight capitalism and save human race.” The planet won’t miss us, it has been existing long without us, but we cannot live without the planet. He quotes Fidel Castro: “The human species is threatened by extinction.” After 25 minutes, where the speaking time was restricted to 3, he wishes the world to be a heaven of peace and fraternity – and an enjoyable lunch. 

Interesting enough, that he did NOT talk about the power he has been wielding through the Venezuelan oil fields

And off the audience goes for lunch, just not the following speaker – the president of Suriname. The rich people of the world, even if stemming from the poorest countries of the world have a big lunch together. I am wondering if they will be able to enter heaven according to Chavez.