IMG_8750Tuesday, turned out to be a very special day: not only for INEX, but also for me personally.

In a meeting of the Interamerican Development Bank I got in touch with Roberto Dobles, Costa Rica’s minister of Environment, inviting him to hold a worshop at our upcoming INEX Summer University in Costa Rica, July 2010. He enthusiastically said yes.

IMG_8762 From there we moved right into another meeting hosted by the Bella Foundation, chaired by Ashok Koshla, President of the IUCN, Co-President of the Club of Rome, holder of the UNEP Sasakawa Environment Prize and Founder Member of the Alliance for the New Humanity. I was happy to catch a few minutes of his attention, asking for his institute to participate in the ISD India. His time is short, but his assistant is willing to host our students. Another success.

IMG_8768And not only that. Yes, it was high ranking so far. But then comes a historic moment for me. José Maria Figueres, the man whose history inspired me to shift my career focus to sustainable development. Being a former president of Costa Rica, introducing the Costa Rican Model of Sustainable Development, shaping its future. He speaks out in favor of getting back to real democraty, with informed voters, not media vitims. 

Babinsky: “Mr. Figueres, thank you for shaping my career in such an enriching way.” Figueres: “Nonono, thank you!”

Wow. I am breathless. When INEX was born, about five years ago, I was dreaming to meet this man one day. And I never imagined that moment would come so soon.

IMG_8802a As a finisher, we decided to attend a high ranking political meeting in the plenary. Asking for the ticket we had no chance, but taking the ticket to Al Gore’s speech instead. We got only one ticket, but both got in :)

Knowing that we would not be able to attend tomorrow’s meetings, because another entry restriction, we consider this a great ending! Let’s go for the online stream tomorrow and hope for a good deal!