Dear Diary,
finally we had a day to relax a bit. It was the first day without a lecture. On our schedule we just found one point that said: „Visit of the Passivhaussiedlung Aspanggründe with Hannes Steigl“. So I started from my apartment and I was looking forward to a nice excursion – keep on reading if you want to find out if my aspects were satisfied.
First, Hannes told us some facts about their new buildings. One thing which is stuck in my head since this day is, that the renters just have to pay 7,6 €/m2 – that should be standard :) . The visited building is built in passivhouse standard. They are using the standard technologies to achieve this quality (triple glazing, earth collectors which are built in the driven pile, controlled ventilation, enough isolation, …). I also remember that Hannes’s little son was in the improvised conference room and he had fun playing games with the assistant.
The next stop was the cellar where we could see the building services and the way, how they covered potential thermal bridging.
After that, we went through the house, inspected a flat and landed up on the top floor, where a sauna is located. We also heard, that there is a schedule where the renters can sign in if they want some privacy on this floor.
So now at the end of my diary entry I can say, that I liked the excursion and I’m looking forward to the city tour through Vienna tomorrow morning.

We have uploaded our pictures on Facebook for you to see!

text and picture: Stefan Sattler