The last day of the first week!! This day was very interesting, it had it all, lectures, excursion, movie and mango shots! But lets take it from the start.

We started our day by arriving to BOKU and having an 1,5 hour lecture in Climatesensitive Design with Peter Holzer. He managed to convince us in very short time on the importance of the matter and on how easily good ideas can go really wrong if one does not know thoroughly the climatic conditions in their project site. He also made us laugh a lot with really good observations from day life.

After a short brake we continued the lectures with Guenter Lang on the subject of Retrofitting of passive houses. I personally enjoyed this very much, and from a short conversation with my fellow students later that day, we all had the same feeling….this actually works, its not just a theory, it has been done in so many different buildings with so many different ways that it convinces you that it can work without costing a fortune. In most examples the result is not only producing a passive house but also an esthetic and functional building!

After a really short lunch break we took the bus with Architect G.W. Reinberg and we visited the LOPAS building in Tattendorf. On the way Mr. Reinberg showed as some housing projects and we talked about architecture! Well not all of us, as some found a good time to take a short nap!! :) The building gave us right away a sense of natural and part of the surroundings feeling. The clay looks really good especially with the contrast of the wooden beams. We first gazed at the building and heard some general information about its concept, construction and use.

After a little while, because it was so sunny and hot, we moved inside where we were given the opportunity to see the materials and different types of wall technologies that were implement in the building project and get some more first hand information about clay and clay products. Mr. Reinberg took us to the second floor for a really thorough and very interesting slide presentation and Mr. Meingast answered all of our concerning questions. One of the most interesting parts of the construction was the transportation of all pre-made parts using the existing railway line and its so small gray energy footprint, but also the effort for the rehabilitation of bats! There is one bat actually living there, we hope soon there will be more! On the way back every one was tired and hot so a lot of napping took place!

We got back home at about 16:30, but the day wasn’t over yet! After resting and eating, we all (with the acceptance of Elena for a good reason) hopped in the U-Bahn and arrived at OeAD around 19:30 for the movie. I hadn’t seen it before, actually not even heard of it but like all others was really depressed after it, its a harsh movie for responsible people. There was a rather long time where no one talked, we were really overwhelmed by what was just shown to us for all kind of reasons. But we started talking about it, Douglas had some really interesting point of views that gained as much criticism as acceptance and kept the conversation going! Never the less we where all motivated to try and change things so as to avoid a future like that. We talked for about an hour, which was good because it gave us the time needed to improve our mood and be convinced that alcohol was necessary to gain back our lost euphoria and happy faces!

We hit the beachbars where a lot of mango and tequila shots further improved our mood and gave us inspiration for the following day of Saturday on how to have fun on our first free day in Vienna!

Text / Photos: Cassandra Themeli