The morning was spent in BOKU where we were given lecture on sustainability in urban planning by Elisabeth Aufhauser and Yvonne Franz. We learned about different challenges that a planner should think about during planning. Several of these challenges are social mix, the creation of neighbourhoods, mobility, functional efficiency, environmental harmony, commercial viability, green belts and more. Moreover, we gave our opinion whether centralised or decentralised cities are more efficient and functional. I found this lecture really fascinating, since we had the chance to exchange ideas related to urban planning.Afterwards, we were divided into groups of three or four and we had a discussion about the constraints of the development of Aspern, Vienna’s Urban Lakeside. The constraints were divided into the three conflicts: property conflict, development conflict and resource conflict. What really caught our interest was the fact that each flat in Aspern will be allowed 0.7 car parking places! Will this be a demovating factor for those who are considering buying a flat? Moreover, it will be a bit challenging for the first residents who will move in a newly developed district since a great amount of the infrastructure will not be ready as soon as they settle in. I guess we will find out in a few years! We spent our lunch break in the park, lying in the sun, eating kebab and enjoying music from Gavin’s phone. The afternoon was spent in Aspern once again… After one hour in the metro, bus and lots of walking we arrived in Aspern. There we were given a talk about green walls and about the experiment they are performing. Christiane suggested of going to the public hearing about the Ottakringer brewery where they were planning of planting trees and making a green space. There we enjoyed free beer and Frankfurter sausages. Too bad Maljetehad never tasted Krenn before…she considered it as a good idea to eat a mouthful of it (!) with the impression that it was cheese! It was totally hilarious!It was a really long and tiring day, hence we decided to do something fun for the evening. We went to the pop fest of Viennese pop music, which was held in front of Baroque St Charles church in Karlsplatz. The pop fest was a real success! Thousands of people were present to enjoy the music of different Austrian bands such as Fatima Spar and The Freedom Fries and Bernhard Eder. There we danced to the beat of the songs, drunk beer and ate paella! Well this was indeed a long and full day, but we enjoyed it a lot!

Text / Photos: Sotira Georgiou