This is the third day since we have arrived to Vienna and everything is very dynamic. We are still not getting around very well in the subway, so that there are very interesting scenes in the morning. It is hard to stay together with everyone in a big group, to manage to finish everything at the same time but we try to be at a certain place in time. As we drive in the bus to BOKU, I look at the buildings and it is obvious that everyone is curious and happy for being there. We are at a phase of getting to know each other, our cultures, customs, way of thinking, so that every moment is fulfilled and it is always interesting.

At 9 AM professor Martin Treberspurg’s lecture on Passive House Design started, along with examples from his practise and an open discussion. It was very interesting and in every case we learned a lot of new things. We had an introduction to modern architecture which has 4 elements of traditional architecture and 2 elements of sustainable architecture, we spoke on the subjects such as the usability of ecological materials, history of passive houses and all its advantages, maybe some disatvantages, the way of recycling and all other topics that are imposed dusing classes on passive houses.

Then there was a coffee break, and it started to rain. However, after a warm day the refreshment was welcome.  Then there was our excursion to Seestad Aspern. First we took the bus, then the subway, the road was very long but with jokes and short conversations it passed quickly, and some even used the opportunity to sleep a bit. It was interesting to notice that with going further from the centre of Vienna towards the industrial zone the architecture was changing, and also that many houses and buildings had solar collectors and photovolatis.

Seestad Aspern, a smaller place, according to first impression was a quiet and peaceful place, exactly for a family. In the meantime the rain had stopped and, of course, we did not complain about the rain anymore, but about how hot it was and how hard it was for us to walk because we all brought laptops even though it was not written in the program.  Our short visit to Green City with A.Wurm and D.Schnepf was interesting and of course made us all think and discuss on new topics. The attempt of understanding „Little Vienna inside Vienna“ only as a totally ecologically aware place is a great idea whose realization will take surely a lot of time. I think that the whole concept of Seestad Aspern is interesting, complicated and it was great to hear opinions of other people and questions that are imposed on every one of us, some being the same, others different. For example, would I like to live there? Will the whole construction be green buildings? Who is going to lie there? What will the people who live there be doing? And there are many more questions.

This is why I am looking forward to the upcoming days, further gathering of information and learning new interesting things from this area. I somehow have the feeling that with days passing by it will get more and more interesting, I think that we are a great group and that we will spend 3 unforgetable weeks in Vienna.

Text: Dina Lasic