The Lectures started with DR. Gerhald Zucker – Building automation. There are 3 main Important parts of the Automation; Networks, Interoperability’s and Distributed Applications.

Dr. Peter Polanski had a Lecture about Buildings Controls. He got true all the Basics for the choice of Control systems for Building Automation. He had focus on the importance of long term Maintance and Storage of the System and importance of Building Automation in bigger Buildings as efficient Energy saver.

Robert Lecher and DI Johannes Fechner  had a Lecture about Haus der Zukunft and Klima Aktiv.  For the Internet; and; www.komfortlü .

Robert Shild- Workshop- Marketing Opportunities for Architects in Energy Efficient Buildings. We discussed and presented in The Groups the 3 Questions about Exchange of Prejudice;

Why did you want to become an Architect? What are the Challenges today and in the Future? What do you think about Marketing and which Instrument do you use in Marketing?

At the end of the Day we traveled and walked a long way to Versuchsgarten, BOKU, to see different Solutions for The building of Green Walls.

text:  Trond Naespe