As we requested, today we’re working at TU Vienna, instead of going to Aspern. INEX team was kind enough to let us change the plan. Travelling to Aspern every day (original project site), didn’t work for us, as it’s to far away for every-day route. This way, we get more time to sleep / work and to hang out with each other as well.

*Note: Inex members – thank you once again for your flexibility!

So, today is the second day of a project work, and most of the groups have preliminarily agreed upon the design framework. Today we discuss mainly about energy concept that should be presented through the overall design process and technologies that should integrate it into design itself. „Green technologies“ – one of the buzz words of sustainability – in its core should enable us to design energy productive house or at least Zero-energy house. Many questions come up to our mind, since the time has come to summerize and filter what we’ve learned so far concerning these technologies and their appropriate use. It’s far from one-day, easy job, since these two weeks were so intensive and it’s more like a brain storming, since we have so little time to elaborate it and implement as well. Many
questions occur. We also have a support from our tutor Mr. Marcus Bryhta, who has been leading us trough some of the green technologies during the past two weeks, giving us lectures but also showing the practical examples.

Today he tries to answer our specific questions, but also to provoke some of them, leaving us with the new ideas and possibilities….Unfortunately we have less than three days to finish the work so many of the questions will probabily remain for some later discussions.

Working, but still cozy atmosphere can be felt in our groups – once again a proof that diversity is a couse of happines.

Text: Jasminka Usanovic & Simay Serdaroglu │ Phtoto: Steffan Sattler