On Saturday the 6th of August we met early at our dorm to start our weekend trip to explore more of Austria’s secrets.
After having a Viennese breakfast (cake & coffee) with Sarah and Monica we were on the bus and on our way to Krems, a lovely city in the heart of Lower Austria.
At the Donau-Universität Krems we had a daylight workshop which was all about making a group model which was placed in the special light lab & how there positions of buildings and windows influence daylight gains.
For making this easier in our future projects we got a sun path diagram that we can easily use on any sight all over the world to work out the sun’s position.
Light Lab
After leaving the Daylight dome of the University we made our way to the historic center of Krems for some lunch and a quick look around.

After walking through what felt like the whole of Krems we finally arrived at one of my personal highlights – the Danube Cruise through the stunning landscape of Wachau. We were having a great time on the boat and enjoyed local specialties like the famous wine of the area & lovely Marillenknödel.
Because the weather was amazing we were able to sit outside under a blue sky and enjoy the landscape.
After starting to play cards- and my first round ever of Poker – we arrived at the end of our 3 hour cruise far to early for my liking.

In Melk we boarded the bus and went on to Linz, the capital of Upper Austria. There we had Dinner and went to bed early after and amazing but also exhausting day. However we were sure that this weekend is going to be awesome.

text:  Julia Perndorfer, picture: Dominik-Alexis Bourret