Today we have had just one lecture in the morning, a quite relax day. The meeting point has been the sixth floor of the building of the TU which is in Gußhausstraße. A nice room with wonderful sights over the city.
The lecture was given by Professor Karin Stieldorf. She has talked to us about the Passive House Loam Constructions. She has mostly focused the lecture in some practical examples of passive buildings, which are directly related to the topic of loam and clay as construction materials.
We have had a long lunch break that we have used to discuss about the topics of the project with Professor Karin Stieldorf. Each group had around 15 minutes and, at least for my group, it was really useful.
In the afternoon we have visited the greenhouse LOPAS Tattendorf (company of the architect Georg W. Reinberg). It has been a really good experience. It was the first time that we visit (and first time in my life) a house not just passive, even totally green just been constructed using environmental friendly materials like clay or straw.

Just two days more until the weekend trip, it is going to be legendary!

We also uploaded some pictures on Facebook for you to see!

text: Juan Castilla García, pictures: Stefan Sattler