Today we wake up earlier than the others days because the meeting with the members of the INEX program was at 8.00 am to go to the lectures in the Austrian institute of technologies (AIT). The lecture was given by Andreas Fritsche and was about heating pumps and photovoltaic. We had learned more about those technologies thanks to the worksheet that we had to complete. We learned in an original way too because we had to do a little exercise by matching technologies with a small description of it. At the end, we went outside for an experimentation of how a solar pipe is efficient. We could notice that in 10 min of exposure in the sun, the pipe was already in a temperature of 110° C.

For the lunch we had the chance to enjoy the meal in the cafeteria of the Austrian institute of technologies. And we could enjoy a complete and cheap meal.

In the afternoon, we had a lecture given by Michael Hartl about solar thermal and solar power. We learned a lot of formulas to calculate the efficiency of a solar concentrator and we saw how a solar plant is agented.

At 2.30 p.m. we met the INEX members in front of AIT to go to the Schönbrunn Castle. There, we learned more about the life of Francois and Elisabeth (called princess Sisi). We visited the huge castle of the royal familyand learned about the habit of that era. After that, Martin Tresenburg met us in front of the castle and we went to the garden for a little walk through these beautiful plants, fountains and trees.

At about 6 p.m., it was the time to rest after that very busy day and we took advantage of the knowledge of Martin for a very nice bar near the castle. He offered us a drink and then some people ate there.

And because yesterday we finished a little bit too late, everybody needed to rest and enjoy the evening in his own room. That’s why nobody did something in particular in the evening.

Text: Thibaut Dupuis