Thursday 9th of August started at 9 a.m. at the TU, it was the „next-to-last day“ for our passive house project.

My group-members, Seda, Dina, Thibaut and me, had a lot of work to do.
After a frozen-joghurt-break it was time for a correction-feedback with Prof. Karin Stieldorf, Prof. Georg W. Reinberg and Dr. Gerhard Zucker.

After 9 hours at the TU it was time to refresh.

We spend the evening at the 10er Marie in Ottakring, which is know as the oldest wine tavern of Vienna. 

It was a very nice evening with pleasant colleagues wine and homemade dishes. The weather was perfect so we enjoyed sitting in the outdoor restaurant area in „Alt-Ottakring“ till closing time.

Text: Christiane