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Major Initiative Bridges the Gap between the Web 2.0 Generation and Policy Makers

From 9th May until 30th May

Vienna, 3rd May 2012 – Together with the EFA Network (the network of associated youth groups of the European Forum Alpbach) and the Austrian National Youth Council, the Julius Raab Foundation has launched an independent, non-party initiative: at, young people from all over Europe will compile common perspectives for the future. Further partners include the Austrian Young Industry, the Austrian Economic Chamber, iv.future and the Bertelsmann Foundation. This pilot project, which uses an innovative online consultation tool for citizen participation, is to bridge the gap between the web 2.0 generation and high-ranking policy makers as well as political representatives which is often deplored in Western democracies. There will be a three-week discussion period, starting on 9th May 2012.

Our ideas and expectations, but also our wishes and fears, constitute the basis for our lives in the future. This basis is already laid today, and, for this reason, the expectations of the young generation also have to be taken into account now. The organisers want to discuss those topics which are most important to adolescents, young people entering the labour market and selfemployed young people: education, social systems, economy, business and the labour market, environmental issues, culture and the media and, of course, the future development of Europe. With this year’s general topic “Expectations – The Future of the Young”, the European Forum Alpbach will provide an ideal platform for a comprehensive and independent discussion of these issues.

The organisers are convinced: the more young people of different backgrounds take part in the discussions, the more attention the initiative will receive. Youth groups and school classes are also invited to discuss their expectations for the future and share them on the online platform. As of now, young people can register on the website. It will be possible for them to post their comments, cast their votes and hold discussions in German and English. The thus collected expectations will then be condensed into a publication and used as inputs for the discussions at the European Forum Alpbach in August.

For further information, please contact:
Thomas Goiser