The program offers 4 daily hours of academic input, complemented by a two hour afternoon session with guest speakers from the field. Additionally related workshops and visits are offered.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the origin of resources and the respective use as well as the integration in buildings
  • Learn about the relationships between buildings and their context
  • Create an understanding for the necessity of interdisciplinary cooperation to realize green building strategies

Course topics

  • Sustainable urban and settlement development, spatial planning for increased quality of life
    (including: mobility, open space planning, energy supplies and renewable energies, waste management)
  • Resource-optimized building concepts
    • Fundamentals of planning for  resource-optimized building concepts
    • Passivhaus and Energy Plus Buildings
    • Healthy Building
      • Thermal comfort
      • Air quality
      • Daylight planning
    • Buliding envelope, renewable construction materials (NAWAROs)
    • Building Services Engineering
      • Control systems, automatization
    • Certification of buildings, quality control
    • Sociological aspects, impact of utilizers