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Who are you?Tamara Mitrofanenko
I am Tamara Mitrofanenko, a consultant at UNEP (the United Nation’s Environment Programme) Vienna, Interim Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention and the Zoi environment network.

What do you do?
At UNEP Vienna – ISCC we support the Carpathian Countries: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovak Republic and Ukraine to cooperate on sustainable development and the protection of the Carpathian Mountains. My role is assisting UNEP – ISCC in this respect specifically in the field of education for sustainable development and cultural heritage and traditional knowledge; as well as on the sustainable development in the Caucasus region. Zoi environment network is committed to investigate and communicate information about the environment and society in a graphic, accessible and innovative way. We support international environmental organizations in their efforts in this respect.

What do you dream to achieve?
My dream is to learn practical aspects of sustainable development and sustainable communities based on experiences of rural communities in various countries (such as organic agriculture, small-scale renewable energy and ecotourism) in order to be able to consult remote rural communities on how they can organize their local economies based on their natural and cultural resources.

How can you be contacted?
You are welcome to contact me by e-mail at I also encourage everyone to visit the websites: and