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Education is a continuous process, whether in a structured environment or an informal setup. Whatever the form of learning of choice, you need to take note of the source of information.

How credible and factual is it? Who are the authors, and are they qualified to talk about the topic of study?

The internet is a market for all information; it’s you to sieve content for your consumption. At Inex.org, we have a team of writers qualifies by academics to provide information that guides you as a student.

They head several departments too to accommodate the diverse student population.

Maurice Joanna

Director and Chairwoman

Any information and communication from the institution lie on this desk.

Maurice Joanna is a Graduate in Public Relations at the University of Germany.

She understands matters of corporate governance and protocols when it comes to the dissemination of information. is responsible for all information about the institution’s status, communicates to the audience on emerging issues, and provides content that helps students have good relations with the administration or management.

The recent viral post on dos and don’ts for international students is an example of his exemplary work in content creation on top of his position.

Shanny Ryan

Vice-Chair of the Board / Policy Director

Master’s holder in Education Administration understands the bureaucracies within an education setup and strives to provide students with information through the blog.

It’s the joy of every student to have the best while within the school premises. Having facilities isn’t enough, but their utilization is the ultimate goal.

Students always look forward to these weekly posts, which address emerging issues. A keen look at the education institutions’ trend addresses the recent school unrest and what students should do to be on the right track with the administration.

Board Members & Executives

Fabian Tobias


Mercy Kens


Diana Lam


Tonny Mullen


Message from the Chairwoman

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