INEX @ Solution – 26.2.2010

About Solution.

Solution is a unique and unconventional conference that offers young people from across the world an inspiring learning platform and an innovative setting to add clarity, confidence, capability and courage to their pursuit of making a difference in society.

“Solution“ takes place from Feb, 25 to Feb, 28 2010 at the Europahaus Linzerstraße 429, A-1140 Vienna.


Inex @ Solution.


The Session „100 Ways to make a Difference” (Feb, 26., ca. 9.30 – 13.30) gives an insight into the ideas and activities of INEX. In the focus of the discussion are the questions „What difference do we want to make in the world? How do we pursue it? What impact did we achieve so far?“. These conversations will be completed through an exhibition and interactive discussions. Thus, we try to show numerous ways on how to change the world into a better place.

Our Guest.

annapMag. Anna Pissarek
Former Training Specialist and in charge of CSR implementation at Starbucks Coffee Company

Anna has a background in Catholic Theology, teaching at University of Innsbruck, later as the educational co-director at the Sustainability retreat and conference center St. Arbogast in Vorarlberg. After a sabbatical mainly spent in the powerful land of the American Southwest she joined the Starbucks Coffee Company in Vienna for 7 years, first as a barista, then as Training Specialist. Her involvement in CSR activities and her lively passion for ethical standards in doing business and growing and buying coffee in a sustainable way brought her in contact with INEX. At the moment she is working at Dachverband Hospiz.


INEX – Learning for Change 2009

The participants will get an insight into the work of INEX through the INEX Language & Culture Video and a short introduction that outlines the development, visions and goals of INEX.

“Essence of your learning experience”

The group will be divided into smaller subgroups in order to create an interactive atmosphere. We will talk about our learning experiences, the dynamic which was emerged and will also motivate the participants to share their views.

For this purpose we will note our experiences on leafs and fix it on a tree.


The participants walk around and watch the results of the others, commented through the workshop trainer.

Fruits of success

The Powerpoint Presentation highlights the story, programs and aims of INEX.

“What’s your story?”

At the end of the session the participants are once again motivated to talk about their learning experiences and aims. Every participant gets a small package of cress seeds, which symbolises the development of an idea.