Travel Information

The flight to Panama City is not included in the participation fee.
Please let us know if you need assistance for your booking and will gladly help you in every possible way.

Students of all universities are asked to be in Panama City, Panama, by the official starting date of the program, i.e. 02 August 2010. Due to the current airline policies group offers have been more expensive than the flight offers that can be obtained individually. Please inquire your flight options immediately after nomination, since you will need to sumbit your flight information within two weeks after nomination so we can arrange for your airport transfer. Please note: If not solicited in time, you may lose the airport transfer service.

You may enquire with your travel agency or use the following platforms to search for the flight that is most convenient to you: for flights exactly from your departure city,,,,,,,,

For better rates, you might want to check flights from/to major airport hubs and arrange for additional transportation to/from the hub (eg. bus, train, private vehicle). The seasonal price switches at the end of June vary from one airline to another. You may want to ask for your airlines policies to obtain better rates.

In case you arrive early or leave late you will be responsible for your accomodation, meals etc. yourself until or from the offical starting or ending date. You may stay with your assigned host family upon their capacities at an additional cost. In this case your host family will still be advised to pick you up from the airport. If you decide to stay on your own during those additional days, please transmit your hotel information and your host family will pick you up from the hotel lobby at the indicated starting date of the program at 4pm. However, we will gladly assist you to find favorable hotel rates and recommended activities that would not be covered in the program already.

Please contact us in case you need further information or support. We are always here to help!