Report: INEX @ Forum Alpbach 2009

Learning for Change: Shaping Education for Sustainable Development
in Europe and Latin America

Forum Alpbach, Workshop 27th of August 2009, 6 pm

AlpbachThe year 2009 turned out to be more and more an extraordinarily successful year for INEX. Besides having received the award of the Austrian Commission for UNESCO for our Summer University in Costa Rica (ISU) we have been invited to be part of the renowned Forum Alpbach.

Since Learning for Change constitutes our main motto and means for us, to ignite the spark – to inspire that certain glow in peoples eyes – that is needed to spread values of global commitment throughout the world, and this years Foum Alpbach motto was not less pressing in its topicality by picking up the issue of “Trust”, particularly with regard to the global financial crisis, INEX was deeply engaged in bringing those two sparks, Learning for Change and Trust, together.

Our efforts resulted in a workshop held on the 27th of August, exploring the potential shape of an educational landscape that would connect Europe and Latin America in a way that facilitates sustainable development.

alpbach2INEX runs two education programs in Latin America: ISU Costa Rica and ILC Panama . Paying heed to the global entanglement between North and South concerning ecological, economical and social issues, we tried to realize in a minor key what we aspire each year anew with our Latin America programs:

  • Raise consciousness about topics of global warming.
  • Give an idea of what sustainable development is about.
  • Provide the participants with an insight of sustainable and intercultural learning in Latin America.
  • Encourage discussion of issues concerned with Learning for Change.
  • Develop jointly a draft of a worthwile learning experience, igniting a personal change process.

alpbach3Starting at 6 pm, we were very happy to welcome our participants of different origin, sharing the same interest as INEX. The first agenda item intended to break the ice and acquaint the participants in a very touching and yet insistent way with the topic of our workshop. “La Tierra Arrasada” – “The Devastated Planet” is a short movie about human impact on climate change produced by Pacto por la Vida which in contrast to conventional imagery of catastrophe and destruction points in a very subtle way to climate change, highlighting also the intergenerational responsibility of preserving the global environment.

Following the Key Note on Shaping Education for Sustainable Development in Europe and Latin America and the Key Note on Learning for Change the participants were invited to join a work session including an Association in Silence about the discussed topics that passed into a joint idea generation.

Some of the inspiring and committed atmosphere was hopefully captured in the pictures. At this point INEX wants to thank the participants again for a successful workshop experience!

Announcement: INEX goes Alpbach!

„Learning for Change means for us, to ignite the spark – to inspire that certain glow in people’s eyes – that is needed to spread values of solidarity throughout the world.“

About INEX

INEX is organized as a non-profit NGO with its main base in Vienna, Austria, and ties to universities and other internationally working organizations in Europe, the US and Central America.

INEX is working on the world’s most provoking topic of the decade: Sustainable Development, and the path needed to reduce mankind’s impact on nature (e.g. to slow down global warming, reduce natural disasters, etc). Realizing the need to fulfil human needs while maintaining the quality of the natural environment INEX focuses on education in all three dimensions of sustainable development (social, environmental and economic) as well as providing information and help in the challenge of building a world based on sustainable growth and business practice.

Learning for Change …

A globalized world demands learning strategies, that enable people to meet challenges in a sustainable way. Also it demands trust. Trust in our fellow men, in our abilities and agency. Thus the aim of this workshop is to raise awareness for sustainable development and learning strategies.

Education is the most promising key to a sustainable future for mankind on this planet. Formal and informal generation of knowledge, skills and capabilties, and most importantly the willingness to understand shall prevail within our endeavor to broaden the horizons of those who will shape their own but also others’ future. Therefore we offer this workshop to provide the participants with:

  • an insight in the concept of Sustainable Development
  • examples of sustainable and intercultural learning in Latin America
  • the opportunity to discuss and develop a personal learning experience